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Authors: GregoriusT

Version: 1.3.2
Required: Forge & IC2

ATTENTION: This Site is still WIP! If you want to help me, I’m (Lefty) on #Industrial-Craft @ and you can send me your descriptions if you want!
GregTech is an awesome AddOn from GregoriusT for IndustrialCraft². It adds alot of useful stuff! Like a Fusionreactor, Iridium Ore as Ore, Rubys and Sapphires and a few more things!




Name Recipe Description
Right Click the Destropack and a Interface will show up. Put every item in the Red Slot and it will be destroyed! Forever! A very long time. :)
This Device is able to play most Sounds of Vanilla-MC and even Musicdiscs! You can add 64 diffrent Sounds, which are played one at a Time with a 2-Tick-Delay inbetween as long as a Redstonesignal is supplied to begin one Cycle, so there is no Timer needed.
Sonictron (Handheld)
With the handheld Edition you can copy and paste Sounds to other Sonictrons by (sneak-) Rightclicking on them, while a normal rightclick results in playing the Sound.
A Lightningrod is a Device, which uses the Power of Thunderstorms, to convert them to usable Electricity.
You get 8192 EU/t after one single Strike, so you have to use 4 HV Transformers (each per side) to handle that amount of EU / t!.
The Quantumchest can store an infinite Itemamount of one single stackable Itemkind in it! This Chest is designed to work with Automationstuff.

Put things into the Topslot to insert them.
The Bottomslot contains a Stack of the Object you inserted.

Iridiumreinforced Block
Iridiumreinforced Blocks are an upgraded version of Reinforced Stone with a Blastresistance of 600!
GregTech Computercube
You need the GregTech Computercube only for crafting.
20 diffrent Blueprints for UUM can be saved on the left Screen, by just clicking the Holoslots of the Craftinggrid and then selecting the Output.

It also has the same Functionality as a Quantumchest just for UUM. It will automatically take UUM to refill the internal Contentslots, which are only accessible via Automationoutputthingies on the Sides (or by destroying the Device itself). This makes it very usefull for Autocraftingfactories. Top and Bottom of this Device are for UUM.

It also needs 512EU per used piece of UUM, so a Diamond costs 4608EU, while 8 Wood costs 512EU.

You have to place the Fusioncoil around the Fusionreactor like this: Screenshot

Or you need it to craft an Fusionreactor.

It will need 10000000EU (a full MFSU!) to start running, so try to keep the Fuel for the Reaction up as long as possible.
It will also charge itself until it has 10000000EU for another Reaction, before it outputs anything.
The Reactor itself can hold 20000000EU before you lose any Energy due to overfilling the Storage, and will output either 4096EU/t if Storage is over 10000000EU, or 2048EU/t (4096EU/t at a rate of one Pulse per 2 Ticks) if you collect the EU from the Reaction directly.
You can burn a H-Cell in the Generator for 30.000 EU but its more common if you use it to craft D-Cells
You need a D-Cell for the fusion in the Fusionreactor
You need a T-Cell for the fusion in the Fusionreactor.
He-Cells are products of the Fusion between a D-Cell and a T-Cell. It can burn in a Generator for 100.000 EU